Culture of Kimono

There are several types of Kimonos and some rules each seasons.
If you know it, you will be enjoy wearing Kimono more!

【Types of Kimono】

You can wear Kimono all year around, you need to consider what to wear depends on the situations such as place, season.

AWASE: A lined Kimono for spring, autumn and winter seasons. Montsuki, Iromuji, Houmongi, Komon are this type of Kimono.

HITOE: An unlined Kimono for on June (beginning of summer) or September (beginning of autumn). Iromuji, Houmongi, Komon are this type of Kimono.

KIMONO FOR SUMMER: Kimono which is called “RO”and “SHA”are worn on July and August (summer season). “RO”is for formal occasions. “SHA”is for casual situations.

YUKATA: Originally, it was worn after people take a bath in summer season. Nowadays, people wear Yukata any casual situations especially at summer festivals, firework festivals. There are variety of colors and patterns.

【Types of Obi】


“One Kimono with three Obi.”Obi makes different impressions of Kimono. Also you need to consider which one to use depends on where you go.

MARU-OBI: It’s the most formal Obi for special occasions.

FUKURO-OBI: It’s a slightly less formal style than the Maru-obi. It can be worn for formal occasions.

NAGOYA-OBI: It’s convenient Obi for casual occasions. It’s characterized by a portion of the Obi being pre folded and stitched in half.

HANHABA-OBI or HOSO-OBI: These are casual Obi which has half width of other Obi. Use for Kimono or Yukata. There are many way to tie.

Japanese people enjoy each seasons.

In Haiku (Japanese poetry), people describe season as words or phrases that reflecting the season. Kimono is also designed with seasonal patterns such as flowers or colors.
For example, cherry blossom is for spring, red leaf is for autumn, dragon fly is for summer. Pastel color is for spring, cool color is for summer, warm color is for autumn.
Moreover, kimono is designed beautiful Japanese classic pattern. “Seigaiha”is waves in the ocean, “Ichimatsu” is stone pavement or checkered pattern. If you can choose Kimono depends on the day, outing is more fun for you!

Variety of the ways to tie obi

You can try your favorite way!

Left:Oiso-musubi, Right:Bunko-musubi
Left:Sort of Bunko-musubi, Right:Sort of Katanagashi
Left:Sort of Tateya, Right:Bunko-kuzushi

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