Photo shooting "OMOIDE" plan




Would you like a photo taken by photographer?

Dressing kimono is special and memorable moment for you. After choose your kimono at the office, you move to the photo studio. (It takes about 10minutes by car.) Then get dressed kimono, set your hair and take photos. You can choose your favorite photo. If you want, you can add another one with an extra fee.

About the service

Full kimono set + Hair set + Photo shooting

Includes: Kimono(Komon or Aizu cotton), Sash(half-width sash), Undergarment, Tabi socks, Zori sandals, kinchaku pouch.

Business day: Tuesday to Sunday

Business hour: 

   AM8:30~9:30, 10:00~11:00

   PM13:30~14:30, 15:00~16:00

Length of time: 50minutes

Limit of time: Up to 6hours

Fee: 18,850yen(without tax) per person

Extra photo fee: 8,000yen(without tax) per 1photo

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